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Baby Shakes - Burger "Turn It Up"
Estelle Bajou "Heavy Sleep Broken"
Baltic Fleet - Blow-Up Records    
Lazlo Bane - Almo Sounds
Banji - Banji "Goodness Me"
Banjo or Freakout - RBR Records "I Don't Want To Start All Over Again"
Barbarossa "Turbine"
Barefoot Contessa    
Bark Bark Disco    
Coleman Barks - Fast Horse    
The Basement Deltasonic  
Joe Bataan - ESL    
BBQ - Bomp    
Sean Beal    
Beangrowers - Minty Fresh    
Bearsuit - Fantastic Plastic "Hey Charlie Hey Chuck"
The Beat Up - Fantastic "The Beat Up / Messed Up"
The Beauty Shop - Shoeshine    
The Beginner's Mynd Burger  
Thavius Beck - Mush Records    
Bell Gardens - Burger    
Bell System "Handle Specs"
Ben & Jason - Setanta    
Benzos - Stinky "Glass Souls"
Tamar Berk - Minty Fresh    
Bettie Serveert - Anti-    
Betty Blowtorch - Foodchain    
Beulah - Velocette Records    
Bibio - Mush Records    
Big Boss Man- Blowup Records "125 Special"
Big Nasty Sex    
Big White - Burger    
Martina Topley Bird - Independiente "Carnies"
Birds Of Paradise "Love Is Confusion"
The Bishops - IAmSound Recordings    
The Bitters Burger  
The Black Arts - Fantastic Plastic    
Black Box Revelation "I Knew All Along"
Black Caps - Bomp    
Black Diamond Heavies - Alive    
Black Fawn    
The Black Ghosts - IAmSound Recordings    
The Black Neon - Memphis Industries    
Ludella Black - Damaged Goods Records    
Blackbud - Independiente    
Blackhand - Damaged Goods Records    
Amy Blacshke - Lucky Horse Industries    
Blind Matty - Burger Records Gettin' Stoned With My Ol' Lady
  "Put The Shake On You"
Blondes- Burger Records  
Blood Stone - Burger "No Fun"
Bloody Brownie Minty Fresh    
The Bloody Hollies - Alive    
Bloodhounds Alive  
Blue States - Memphis Industries    
BMX Bandits - Shoeshine Records    
Boa Morte - Shoeshine Records    
Bob & Dave’s Country Show - Rec90    
Boedekka - Minty Fresh    
Seth Bogart - Burger    
Bon Homme Tiger Spring  
Brian Bonz And The Dot Hongs - Minty Fresh    
The Bongolian - Blowup Records "Merv Plays Vibes"
  "Googa Mama"
  "The Riviera Affair"
The Bongo Fury    
The Bonnevilles Alive  
Boom! - Burger "Stop Look Listen"
Bossy Love "Wind Me Up"
Boycrazy USA    
The Boys And Girls - Simple Syrup "If You Say Jump"
Boys Age Burger  
BOYTOY - Burger    
BrakesBrakesBrakes - Rough Trade    
Brent War    
Laure Briard "Revelation"
Brian - Setanta    
Laureano Brizuela - Triloka    
Bricolage - Fantastic Plastic    
Brimstone Howl - Alive    
The Broken Hearts - Burger    
Liz Brown    
Tracy Bryant - Burger "Start the Motor"
Budos Band  - Daptone Records    
Buffalo Killers - Alive "Get It"
The Buff Medways    
Buffseeds - Fantastic Plastic    
Built In Sun    
Bullet Ride - Outernational Music    
Bunny Clogs    
Buster's All Stars    
Bernard Butler    
Burnt Ones - Burger    
Butterfly Garden - Rec 90    
Bye Bye - Burger    
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