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Daedelus - Mush Records    
Daiquiri Fantomas "Moogchile"
The Daktaris - Daptone Records    
Dark Country - Minty Fresh    
Dallas Don Burnet - Little Red Records)  
Dan San "America"
Jakob Danger - Burger    
Cathy Davey - Hammer Toe Records "Little Red"
  "The Eh Eh Song"
Cedell Davis - Fasthorse    
Graham Day And The Gaolers - Damaged Goods    
Drew Darden - independiente    
Datura4 "Demon Blues"
Graham Day And The Gaolers - Damaged Goods Records
Lori Denae - Would Work Records    
Daryll-Ann - Minty Fresh    
Aj Davilla "Borderline"
The Dead 60s - Deltasonic    
Dead Ghosts Burger Records  
Dean & Britta - Double Feature    
Dear Boy Love Interest
Dear John Letters - Foodchain    
Robert Deeble "Undertow"
  "The Butcher Boy"
  "Fahrenheit 451"
Chris Delmhorst - Signature Sounds    
Dengue Fever - M80 Music "Sober Driver"
Desert Minty Fresh  
Desperate Journalist - Minty Fresh "Control"
Joe Dexter "Wicked Dance"
DFL - My Crazy Life "Pizza Man"
The Dials - Just Music    
J Dilla - BBE    
Diamond Girl    
Diamond Hands - Burger  "Another Day"
Dirt Dress- Burger    
Dirty Diamonds "Right Direction"
Dirty Rivers "Shooters"
  "The Kid"
  "Black Heart Filth"
Dirty Streets - Alive "Stay Thirsty"
Distractor - Burger "Went To The Store"
  "I'm Mad"
  "Video Games"
Disko Bay "Everyone Is Crying"
  "Devil Town"
The Divine Comedy - Setanta    
Divine Styler - Beggars Banquet    
DJ Dunya "The Road Is Long"  
Djustin - Labrador "Millions"
DoDo - Freshly Squeezed    
Dog & Pony Show -    
Doktor Kosmos - Minty Fresh    
Domino - Allido "Tropical Moonlight"
Lisa Donnelly "Whoa They Got You"
Dopo Yume - Dopo Yume "The Postcard"
Do The Undo - Minty Fresh    
Dr. Boogie - Burger "She's So Tough"
The Dreadful Yawns - Bomp    
Dream Boys    
Drinking Flowers- Burger "Black Monday"
DTCV - Burger "Miley Cyrus Wins The Race"
Duke Special    
Dustbowl Revival    
Dust Galaxy - ESL Signature Sounds  
Dutch Uncles "Fester"
The Dwarves - Burger "Forget Me Not"
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