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Earlimart - Majordomo Records / Shout! Factory "Answers & Questions"
  "For The Birds"
  "Happy Alone"
  "Song For"
Easy Love "Want You To Know"
Echo and the Bunnymen    
Israel Erez "The One I Love"
Erica Elektra "Heading West"
Electric Penguins - Setanta    
Elephant - Elephant "Ants"
Elle Belle "You Better Believe It"
El-P - Definitive Jux    
El Pan Blanco - Burger    
Embrace - Independiente    
Enon - See Through Broadcasting    
Envelopes - Brille    
Israel Erez "Full of Nothing"
Estelle- Bajou    
Eternal Death - Labrador "Head"
Eugene - Time Release    
The Eves "Yellow Lines"
  "Kicking At Stones"
  "Tascam's Revenge"
  "Sun In Hands"
The Everyday Visuals "Impossible"
Eww Yaboo "Make It Fast"
  "Stolen Kisses"
  "Stolen Kisses"
  "This Isn't X-Mas"
The Exbats - Burger  "Girls Like These"
Excuse Me Princess "Stop The Flow"
Explorer's Club - Explorer's Club "Do You Love Me"
  "Run Run Run"
Exotic Adrian Street and The Pile Drivers Burger "Breakin' Bones"
Winfred E. Eye - Lucky Horse Industries "Grandpa's Work"
Eyelids - Burger "Bound To Let You Down"
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