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Mike G - See Thru Broadcasting    
Jordan Galland - Jordan Galland "They Always Come Back"
  "Go 2"
  "To The Top"
Gap Dream - Burger "There's Blood On The Stone"
  "College Music"
Garageland - Foodchain Records    
Garbage - Almo Sounds    
Laurent Garnier - PIAS    
Gregg Garvey "One Worth Ending"
Gertie Fox "Modern Love"
Get Well Soon - Nude Records    
Ghinzu - PIAS    
Gigolo Aunts "Let Go"
Gingersol - Idea Prone Recordings    
Girls in Hawaii - PIAS    
Giuda - Burning Heart Bad Days Are Back
The Glands - Velocette    
The Glee Club - Setanta    
Glowfriends - Minty Fresh    
Gogol Bordello - Stinky Records    
Goden Boots - Burger    
Golden State Klezmers - Jewish Music Group    
Holly Golightly - Damaged Goods Records    
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Damaged Goods Records    
Good Intentions Paving Company    
The Gooch Palms - Burger "We Get By"
Goodbye Elliott    
The Goods "Tapdancer" (remix)
Gospelbeach - Alive    
The Grabs - The Grabs Records    
Gram Rabbit - Stinky Records "Dirty Horse"
  "California Christmas"
  "Final Clap Fever"
  "Off With Your Head"
  "Wild Imagination"
  "Big Deal "
Grape St Burger
Wilm Grave    
Gravy's Drop Burger  
Greasy Pipes "It's On Now"
the Green and Yellow TV - Records Record "That Says It All"
Grei "Desire"
Rosabella Gregory - Nomadic    
Abagail Grey    
Greyhound Soul    
Grinny Grandad "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"
Gruff Ryhs - Team Love/Rough Trade    
Guantanamo Baywatch- Burger    
Gun Club Cemetery    
Gus - Almo Sounds    
Muddy Guy    
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