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Habibi - Burger I Got The Moves
  "Nedayeh Bahar"
  Detroit Baby
Marika Hackman Cannibal
Hacienda Alive  
The Haiduks - Burger Records "Diamond Drops"
The Half Rats Burger  
Fay Hallam & TheBongolian  
Hammered Satin "Upward Spiral"
  "Silver Streak"
Handsome Jack - Alive Creepin'
Hangar 18 Definitive Jux
Hard Place- Burger    
Curtis Harding - Burger "Keep On Shining"
James Hardway
Harvard Wing Tip Collection- Burger "Slap Happy"
The Harvest Ministers Setanta
Charlotte Hatherley Little Sister Records
  additional track
Haunted Tiger Burger  
Richard Hawley Setanta
Head of Femur Head of Femur
The Head Lights Minty Fresh
Headgear Diamond Head Recordings
Imogen Heap Almo Sounds
The Heartlights - Burger "Can I Come By"
HeartsRevolution - Burger    
Heavy Metal Anthem  
  "When You're Gone"
Adam Heldring Minty Fresh
Helene Series 8
Hell on Wheels Minty Fresh
Hello From Reno  
Help She Can’t Swim Fantastic Plastic
John Herald Shoeshine
Hew Time    
The High Curbs - Burger "Lame Sloth"
  "Empty Bottles"
The High Fidelity Freedom In Exile
Hinds - Burger    
Hoggboy Setanta
Askil Holm Rec 90
Bon Homme "The Optimist"
Honeydogs United Musician
  additional track:
Honeyrider Orange Sky Records
Honeyroot Just Music
Kev Hopper Duophonic
Paul Horn
Florian Horwath Minty Fresh
Hott Mt Burger  
The Hound Of Love Burger Records  
Howling Bells Independiente
Howliing Diablos Alive
Andy Human - Burger    
Felicity Hunter Minty Fresh
Hush Puppies Minty Fresh
Husky Rescue 'Deep Forest Green'
  "Under Friendly Fire"
The Hussys Fat Cheerleader Records
William Hut Rec 90
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