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L.A. Jeff Burger  
LA Law - Burger Happy Altercation
Labrador Minty Fresh
Lake Street Dive Signature Sounds  
Mike Ladd Definitive Jux
Mads Langer "Afterglow"
Lenhuas Largas - Burger    
Patty Larkin Signature Sounds  
Laroca Just Music
The Latin Project  
Lavender Diamond - Matador Records "Everybody's Hearts Breaking Now"
Bettye LaVette - Cherry Red    
Lazy Salon "Chip's Folly"
The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group Minty Fresh
Jody Lei Independiente
Le Tigre Mr. Lady Records
The Legends Labrador Records
The Lemons - Burger "Michael Lennie"
LA LAW - Burger    
La Lenguas "Love You All The Time"
  "Broken Heart Disease"
Lenguas Largas  
Lenz "Moody Michelle"
Les Garcons Minty Fresh
Les Hommes ESL
Les Marinellis Burger
Levitation Room - Burger "Loved"
  "Crystal Ball"
Swan Levitt    
Gretchen Lieberum Nomadic Records
The Lights Minty Fresh
Alex Lilly "Paranoid Times"
  "No Novice"
Lina Minty Fresh
Lingua Franca Fast Horse Recordings
Little Big Adventure Labrador
The Little Flames Deltasonic  
The Living Blue Minty Fresh
Living Legends Labrador Music
Llorca PIAS  
Lodekka Freshly Squeezed Music
Cuesta Loeb "My King"
  "Grass It Grows"
Lonesome Shack "Wrecks"
  White Lightning
Lord Infamous And Two Tone Burger    
Love Cop "HMU"
The Love Drunks Alive
Helen Love Damaged Goods Records  
LoveLikeFire Heist or Hit UK
Loveninjas Labrador
Lorraine Rec 90  
Los Pacaminos - Cherry Red    
Lost Lander  
Lowood Minty Fresh
Low Flying Owls Stinky Records
The Low Frequency in Stereo Rec 90
Low Hum "Alone" Remixed by Dold-Michalowski
Low Stars  
Loyal Divide Minty Fresh  
Lu:d Rec 90
Lucky Luke  
Daniele Luppi Rhino
Clara Luzia Minty Fresh  
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