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The M's Minty Fresh
Maarten Minty Fresh
Francis Macdonald Shoeshine Records
  additional track
Francis MacDonald and Harry Pye
"Feel Like A Record That's Scratched"
Pete Macleod "Rolling Stone"
  "Without Love"
Mads Langer    
Lisa Maffia Independiente
Majestic Space Dragon  
Magic Circles Creeping Bent
Magic Jake and The Power Crystals Burger Records  
Magnet Rec 90
Magoo Series 8
Heather Maloney Signature Sounds  
Man Break Almo Sounds
Mild Manners - Burger    
Les Marinellis - Burger    
Andrea Marini    
Barrett Martin Fast Horse Recordings
Margaret Doll Rod - Burger "Love On The Run"
Martina Topley-Bird Independiente
John Martis Independiente
The Martial Arts Groover Recordings
  additional track
Marvelous Darlings Burger  
The Mary Onettes - Labrador "Love's Taking Strange Ways"
  "Silence Is A Gun"
  "Evil Coast"
Massenger - Burger "Girl Glass"
  "Cop Song"
Mastretta Minty Fresh
Marie Mathématique - Burger "Marie Mathématique"
Melissa Mathes  
Mattiel "Send It On Over"
  "Five And Tens"
Matthew and the Aggorant Sea Basement Front Music
Mauro See Thru Broadcasting
Jessica Lea Mayfield Polymer
John McCallagh and The Escorts - 365 "She's Calling Me"
John Lennon McCullagh "Ballad Of A Blue Poet"
Jeff McDonald Five Foot Two Records
Steven McDonald Five Foot Two Records
Maria McKee  
Stan McMahon Burger  
Buff Medways Transcopic
Meercaz - Burger "Hey Mover"
The Memories - Burger "Labour Of Love"
  "Okay, Cupid"
Menace Beach "Fortune Teller"
Adam Merrin  
Messenger "Eego Game"
Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards Memphis Industries
Rich Michalowski "Say Tonight"
The Mighty Lemon Drops "Like An Angel"
The Mighty Stef Firstborn Recordings
  additional track:
  additional track:
Miles Rec 90
John Miller Shoeshine
Misty Miller "Happy"
Minibar Foodchain
Mild Manners Burger  
Vincent Minor Social Sciences
  additional track
Miossec PIAS  
Miou Miou Minty Fresh
Mineral "Bleeding The Beast"
  "Serial Monkey"
Miracle Parade Little Record Company
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels- Burger "Standing The Night"
Miss Tess Signature Sounds  
Misty Miller    
Modesty Blaise Minty Fresh
Mogwai PIAS  
Pete Molinari Damaged Goods Records  
Mondial Minty Fresh
Mondo Drag Alive
Mono in VCF Stylomusic
Moonraker Immergent Records
Mope Grooves - Burger "My First Girlfriend"
Scott Moran Alive  
Tom Morello Epic
Andrew Morgan Andrew Morgan
  additional track
  September Light
Moss Minty Fresh
Moufette Minty Fresh
Kikagaku Moyo - Burger    
Mozes And The Firstborn  
Mr 4Twenty    
Mr Elevator And The Brain Hotel- Rad Cat "Sunshine Daydream"
MSKS "I Dream About Your Hair"
The Muffs Burger
Mujaji Nomadic Music
Thomas Mudrick - Burger "Over The Hills"
James Murphy and Pat Mahoney Fabric
Musique Le Pop "Time Changes"
Ramiro Musotto Fast Horse Records
Zoe Muth And The Los High Rollers Signature Sounds Recordings  
Mylene Fast Horse Records
Mystic Braves - Lolipop "Bright Blue Day Haze"
  "No Trash"
  "Great Company"
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