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Pallers Labrador
Panamaformat Minty Fresh
Panderia Burger  
Papas Fritas Minty Fresh
Paper Lions  
  "My Friend"
Patrick Park "Five Alarm"
Parsonfield - Signature Sounds    
Tess Parks "Sometimes"
Part Time- Burger Nite Drive
  "What Would You Say"
Patsy’s Rats - Burger "Rock 'n Roll Friend"
Candie Payne Deltasonic  
Peachfuzz - Burger "On Pop Of The World"
Peach Kelli Pop - Burger Records "Dreamphone"
  "Princess Castle 1987"
Pela Great Society
The Penetrators Freshly Squeezed
People and Stars Minty Fresh  
Persephone's Bees Dizzy Kiss Music
  additional track
Seth Pettersen - Burger "Eye Know You"
  "I Called You Last Christmas"
  "Jewelry Box"
The Pharmacy Burger Records  
Pheeyownah "Stains"
Bijou Phillips Almo Sounds
Britta Phillips "Ingrid Superstar"
Phobophobes "No Flavour"
The Photo Atlas Stolen Transmission
Pizza Time- Burger    
Plan B Lucky Horse Industries
Vanden Plas Independiente
The Joel Plaskett Emergency Brobdingnagian Records
Plastic Pinks - Burger "All's Alright"
Platoon - Burger Records "Slow As A Rock"
PlayRadioPlay Stolen Transmission
Pleidas Burger Records  
The Poems Minty Fresh
The Poets Of Rhythem Daptone Records
Pogo Pops Rec 90
Pony Club Setanta
The Poor Sonic Pas
Poor Old Shine Signature Sounds  
Poor Rich Ones Rec 90
Eli Pop Burger  
Pop Zeus- Burger    
Angus Powell "Hole In My Heart"
  "Pulls Me Under"
The Prefab Messiahs Burger
Prefab Sprout Kitchenware
The Primes Rec 90  
Prima Donna- Alive "Deathless"
Prismatic - Burger "Vision Systems"
The Pristeens Almo Sounds
Product 01 Freshly Squeezed Music
Chuck Prophet

The Prototypes Minty Fresh
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