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The Sacred Shakers Signature Sounds  
Sad Robot    
Salad Undressed "Being Human"
Sakert Minty Fresh  
Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs "Talk 2 Her"
Sambassadeur Labrador Records  
The Sand Pebbles Double Feature  
Sandy Pussy Burger  
San Pedro El Cortez Burger  
Sauna Burger  
The Scantharies Memphis Industries  
The Scare Nomadic Music  
Kelli Scarr    
Ulrich Schnauss Independiente  
Si Schroeder Truse Me I’m A Thief  
School Of Language - Memphis Industries    
The Science Room independiente  
Mike Scott Minty Fresh  
Scout Nibblet Too Pure  
Scully - Burger Records "Wave"
Sea Wren "Lena"
The Seal Club Clubbing Club Nomadic Music  
Sebastian Schuller - Minty Fresh    
Secret Machines World's Fair  
Segrov Rec 90
Sennen Sennen
  addtional track
The Separate Setanta
  "Once In A Lifetime" w/ Paul Noonan
  additional track
Sepiatone Minty Fresh  
September Girls "Green Eyed"
  "Love No One"
Bettie Serveert Minty Fresh  
Sgt Saltpeter Burger    
Shakes IAmSound Recordings  
Sarah Shannon Minty Fresh  
Sally Shapiro Paper Bag  
The Sharp Ease olFactory Records / Softspot
She-Haw Shoeshine  
The SHH  
Ari Shine Beverly Martel  
Shinning Mirros "Everybody Is Christ"
The Shivas - Burger "Turn Me On"
Coyote Shivers Foodchain Records  
Mark Sholtez Beverly Martel  
The Shore Birds Groover Recordings  
Shortwave Set independiente
Shrouded Strangers- Burger "Invent A Gem"
Sidewatcher "Drive"
Sign of the Fox Sound Of Sounds
The Silent Years  
The Silents Beverly Martel Music  
Silvery Blow Up
  "The Ronald Opus"
Singapore Sling Stinky Records
The Sinking Citizenship Fantastic Plastic  
Sirens Kitchen Ware  
Sister Sonny Rec 90  
6 Gig Ultimatum  
Neville Skelly  
  "Colours Collide"
Luke Slater Fabric  
Keith Slettedahl "Drunk By The Pool"
  "She's Going To Break My Heart"
  "Do You Want To Be Friends"
The Sloths - Burger "One Way Out"
Slut Machine Rec 90  
Emily Smith Shoe Shine  
Chris Smither Signature Sounds  
Smoking Trees  (Burger) "Lifetime Experience"
  "Summer Son"
Cathal Smyth  
Soaked - Burger "Addicted To The Weekend"
Sofa Surfers ESL  
Sofia Talvik    
Soledad Brothers Alive
So Solid Crew independiente  
Sonnyskies Burger  
The Sorrows Alive Records  
Soulwax PIAS  
The Sound of Arrows Labrador  
Sound Reasons - Burger "Til The End Of Time"
Southerly Minty Fresh  
Soviac Minty Fresh  
Soy Un Caballo    
Sparkadia Ark Recordings  
Spearmint Minty Fresh  
Speedboat shoeshine  
The Spivs Damaged Goods  
Will Sprott Burger "My Mind"
Tobin Sprout - Burger    
Spring Break    
Tobin Sprout "Future Boy Today Man of Tomorrow"
The Squire of Sommerset Memphis Industries  
Standek Minty Fresh  
Starlight Mints See Thru Broadcasting
Jerry Streeter    
Rubin Steiner Minty Fresh  
Parov Stelar    
Stigmata inc. Utensil Recordings  
The Stingers Grover Records
Stinky Munchkins  
Jem Stone Freshly Squeezed  
The Strange Death Of Liberal England Fantastic Plastic  
Strange Hands Burger  
Streetwalking Cheetas Alive  
Step-Panther - Burger "It Came From The Heart"
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names Minty Fresh  
The Sufis - Burger "Nothing More To Say"
  "After Hours"
  "Made Me Leave - Crispy Grapes II"
Sugarman 3 Daptone Records  
Warren Suicide Fume Recordings  
The Suitcase Junket - Signature Sound    
Sulfer City (Alive)    
Summer Twins - Burger Records "Demons"
  "Dream Girl"
  "Another Hit"
Sundowners Skeleton Key
Sunless Day Amazing Grease  
Sunshine Collective    
Sunwolf "Push It"
  "Dreams v2"
Supagroup Foodchain  
The Superman Lovers independiente  
Superstar Dionysus  
The Supernaturals "Air Hostess"
Suspect Parts "Change Your Mind"
Astrid Swan Minty Fresh  
Swan Dive January 8 Records  
Swanton Bombs Quiff  
Swiss Bank Account    
Sweet Back Sisters Signature Sounds  
The Sweet Life Society - Freshly Squeezed "Hard On"
Sweet Nobody - Burger "Manner of Speaking"
The SwingGrowers "Chiovi"
Swing Republic "Mama"
Swiss Boarding School Minty Fresh  
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