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Vaadat Charigim - Burger    
Vanlustbader Nomadic Music
Claude Van Stroke Utensil Recordings
The Vaselines "High Tide Low Tide"
Vaudeville Etiquette "What Better Time"
Veneer Publications - Burger "Porcelain White"
Venus Hum
The Vermin Poets Damaged Goods  
Video Nasties  
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club Fantastic Plastic
The Violent Years Rec 90
Virgin Kids - Burger    
Vision- Burger "You Should Know"
Vitalic PIAS  
Viva K Stinky Records
Tyson Vogel    
Jesika Von Rabbit "Put Your Weight On Me"
  "Make Me Feel Better"
  "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"
  "Looking for a Weirdo"
  "Glamorous Misery"
  "Going Down"
  "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorillia)"
  "Psychic Spice"
The Voon Blooms Nomadic Music
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