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    January 1, 2003 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    Right before the holidays, I read a great book about the 60’s called Ready Steady Go, which made me think about a few books that should be re-issued, they were not far off from RSG and all wonderful, in there own way.

    Goodbye Baby & Amen-

    Photographer David Bailey’s kiss off to the 60’s with a amazing set of photos, of rock music, art models, people etc. It will probably cost you about $100.00 plus now, but well worth the ride!

    Birds Of Britain-

    One of my faves,I have two!! Lots of great dolly bird photos, and runners up of the female UK scene in the 60’s. Another book in the $100.00 range,track it down!

    A old one I just picked up for about $25.00, though I have seen it go for as much as $100.00 plus is Six Nymphets- lots of shots of nude models, in black and white.

    I guess what I am saying besides droning on about my beloved 60’s is THESE BOOKS SHOULD BE RE-PRINTED!!!! They have style class and will look great on your coffee table! Either hop on Google and start searching or hop on Ebay, or cross your fingers!!

    – Danny