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    September 1, 2004 by  
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    Good News


    Good News!
    Well for a change thought I would talk about good things.
    1. My Mom

    Just had her 80th birthday, so I say right on Muriel Benair! Here is a shot of my mom in my car, also how cool is this photo of my mom at Grauman’s Chinese theatre? Standing with the Bond car, maybe it was my mom’s car, or she was a Bond girl, I don’t know


    2. Chesterfield
    My 10 1/2 year old Boxer has been fighting Cancer (The C we whisper) and heart disease. If a Boxer hits 10 then you have won the lottery, well he had a few more odd lumps appear and I was very worried, but they are just fatty tissue, no Cancer, he shakes, has heart disease, but…he is moving along. Hail Chesterfield!!



    – Danny