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    September 1, 2005 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    singlesI still love singles, be it a download, CD, or 45. I love when someone declares this is what I want you to hear. This month I have really liked a few new releases as well as keeping my turntable busy with old ones too!

    New band The Kooks, first 45 Eddie’s Gun, if you like the sound The Libertines made then check this out! Very immediate available on CD and 45!

    And speaking of The Libertines – Pete Doherty continues his car wreck music career,with his late summer anthem Fuck Forever, which he even delares in the song, you will never hear this on the radio…I guess we shall see. Very catchy!!!

    And why stop there? John Hassall ex bass player for The Libertines (The quiet one) releases a very poppy and very good single Never Lose Your Sense Of Wonder. He stayed out of the spotlight and is making some good music. I guess there is a theme to this!

    On The Turntable
    The Witch The Rattles I have owned this for a long time,but just played it,and forgot how fun this track was! Ex German beat group get a female lead singer and in 1970 release this killer 45, with the driving Bo Diddley guitar riff,it sounds like Shocking Blue if they rocked harder, and has an amazing string part, a must 45 !!! They also have a few other good ones around this time too, but start here!

    Big Bird – Eddie Floyd might be my favorite Stax single,if you don’t own it buy it! I think Paul Weller has written 4 songs from ripping off this one song! Amazing playing, great guitar riffs and solid drumming, co written by Booker T!

    – Danny