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    August 1, 2006 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    My introduction to Syd came in a friend’s bedroom as he played me the second Pink Floyd record, which Syd makes a cameo on. I ran out and bought the first two Pink Floyd albums, and was so taken by Syd’s writing that I bought his solo albums when they came out.

    Much has been written about Syd’s passing, I can only talk about what his music meant to me.

    His writing, his singing, his playing was to say the least unique. Nobody sounds like him at all

    When I joined my last band the Three O’Clock we covered Lucifer Sam, and on at least one occasion we played Interstellar Overdrive, live when lead singer Michael Quercio lost his voice.

    I never cared about autographs, but when Genesis books released Mick Rock’s book of Barrett photo’s and a small handful signed by Barrett I spent a lot of money to get the book, and have his autograph.

    Many talk of the tragedy of Syd’s life, I am not so sure that is true.

    He painted, was in to gardening and seemed to live a quiet life. So what if he walked a way from a harsh business that expects so much from you, I think he may have made the choice that gave him a new life that he needed.

    I love his music, always will, and thank him for what he left behind.

    – Danny