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    October 1, 2006 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    If you did not get a chance to go to Banksy’s LA Exhibition,and you live here,well sorry to hear it!

    Banksy has been making a name for himself for the last half dozen years,and this may have been the career turning point!

    The show was one of the most creative,direct and to the point events I have attended (twice),in many years.

    Of late,he caused quite a stir with his re-make re-model version of the Paris Hilton CD,his Disneyland prank,the art he added to various museums etc.

    Don’t let a elephant on the 11:00 news put you off,he is the real deal!

    Have a look!

    The elephant in the living room.


    Just added to Melrose Ave.


    A lovely poem!


    My favorite!


    I bought this print, love it!!!


    – Danny