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    July 1, 2007 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Is The Record Store Dead???
    Well, I am old and crusty but I say NO WAY! Yes we will download, yes CD’s will go away ,but I think vinyl will become even more attractive.
    Best record store open for less than a week.

    Icky Thump Records
    White Stripes and Warner Bros tart up the old Tower Records building with a paint job, probably a $100,000 later and you have a rock show, and record store open for less than a week, nice one! I bought my shirt. Best record store in L.A.


    Freakbeat Records

    My dear friend Bob Say owns Freakbeat, he knows his music, has the passion, and has the great local store, that would make Nick Hornby beam! If you visit L.A.,go to Sherman Oaks and say hello to Bob and Tom as they man the mighty Freakbeat counter! If you love The Move mention it to Bob…their his fave band!
    Party Shuffle 5.

    Every month I will let you know,what is playing on the shuffle at home.last 5 were:
    1.Gninrom Ytic Kcorknup-The Hives
    2.Why Do We Care?-Compulsion
    3.Si C’Est Ca-Francoise Hardy
    4.Here Comes The Sun-The Beatles from Love
    5.The Guy Who Made Her A Star-The Equals
    Next up…
    Cat’s Squirrel Cream BBC Session