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    August 1, 2007 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Where’s my MySpace page?
    My page looks like it exists … password does not work …advice?

    images-1jpgThumbs up of the month!
    Big Love?
    This show has gone from being OK for a Sunday night to one of the best shows on TV!
    If you walked away after season one, come back!!!
    It is so so good!

    Thumbs down of the month


    NME’s new layout?
    Give a monkey a computer and let him try working on it!
    Even 15 year olds will find the new format awful!!

    Casa Benair ITunes shuffle Last 5 played:
    1. Almost Grown – The Lovin Spoonful Tracks cut for Elektra records … just before they made the big mistake and sign to Kama Sutra Very under rated combo.
    2. Powerman -The Kinks, Speaking of under rated…
    3. Fifteen – You Am I, Wrong place wrong time combo, GREAT live shows!
    4. Save It For Me – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Talk about under rated yet again …Check out the first 2 CD’s on the new box,produced by reissue God Bill Inglot, AMAZING!
    5. I’m Gonna Kick You Out – The Caesars, 96Tears all over again

    Man I am still typing and listening…
    6. I’ve Been A Bad,Bad Boy – Paul Jones from the Wonderful 60’s film Privilege. You have not seen it? Why?

    Next up:
    Something To Look Forward To – Clearlake Domino Records forgotten band, who made some good records.
    Ummm, well that was seven, I lied!

    – Danny