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    February 1, 2008 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Video Of The Month
    Them on French TV

    Van Morrison’s Them performing live, and kicking ass! Who knew they even did windmills. Great footage! Can’t believe they had session men on the records. (video was pulled – sorry!)

    Event Of The Month
    Went to the filming of a new movie about guitar players, and got to see Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White play together. I think the most fun they had was playing with a Theremin, It was like three kids in a candy store! They did teach other songs, guitar school for the big kids, and big thanks to Peter and Davis… I can’t say much more right now!

    Gig Of The Month
    MGMT, new bright hopefuls on the music scene who live put together Disco and Prog Rock…I kid you not! Pouring rain and worth it!

    Best Looking Actress Of The Month
    Julie Christie at the SAG awards. I especially loved when she was asked whose clothes she was wearing and she said her own!


    Bummer Of The Month
    The passing of Heath Ledger. Very sad… and music publishers turning down songs when we have a writers guild strike… what are they thinking?

    iTunes Shuffle

    It is February, what is playing in the Benair Homestead…in no order, except this one…
    1. Painter Man-The Creation Eddie Phillips beats Jimmy Page to the violin bow and rocks!
    2. Good Day Sunshine by The Eyes, sort of lame, but covering it at the time of it’s relese…
    3. She’s So Fine The Easybeats…rocking for the kids…
    4. Hey Grandma Moby Grape just reissued, but their lame manager forced the first records over copyright ownership off the shelves, amazing first album!
    5. Transatlantic Trauma 1966 Chad and Jeremy UK combo who had their few moments of success in the US
    Coming up…
    6. Boy The Magic Numbers second record is a letdown but still a real joy to see live.
    and lastly…
    7. Walk Away Franz Ferdinand I look forward to record three, and on that note I must walk away…

    – Danny