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    May 1, 2008 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    1- My most anticipated movie release for this spring or summer: Saw the trailer laughed a lot, am I crazy?


    2- Latest must own DVD: Try not to buy them ,last thing I need DVD’s!

    3- My NEL Grammy for 2007 goes to: Bill Inglot!!

    4- Shhh! Don’t tell anyone but I secretly love to watch/listen to (movie/show/band): Rock Of Love

    5- This month’s soundtrack to my life would include: In My Box – Fairfield Parlour, Solitary Confinement – Weirdos and Set me Free – The Kinks

    6- Best thing about leap years: A- an extra day in February, B- Presidential Elections, or C- The Olympics or D (fill in) ?
    All of the above

    7- Best fashion statement: A Suit but please don’t ever get caught wearing: A Jean suit !

    8- Most recently enjoyed best eats were the (food item) Pizza from Pizzeria Mozza

    9- Nick Walker is totally happening Itacho is so over.

    10- Last book read that was difficult to put down: Bit Of A Blur by Alex James

    11- Hottest gossip item or rumor of the year: nelab is starting a publishing company.

    12- My weekly “must see TV” shows is/are: Survivor , 30 Rock, Lost, Dodger games on TV and many more

    13- Best song / commercial pairing of the past year: See You at The Lights 1990s

    14- Keep your eyes on Airborne Toxic Event – they are worthy of superstardom! not sure superstardom, but they are good, also like the Ting Tings!

    15- Favorite News story of the year: Hillary vs Obama

    16- Self indulgent dream purchase if money were no object: Flat in London

    17- Last thing that made me laugh out loud: my dogs!

    18- Most anticipated music release for this summer:The 88, ting tings

    19- We’ve seen Flava of Love, Rock of Love, now VH1 should bring us : Beatle of Love – starring: Paul McCartney

    20- Random fact:
    Elvis Presley spent a day in 1958 on military leave from Germany, in London with UK rock and roller Tommy Steele, and nobody knew until 2 weeks ago!

    – Danny