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    May 30, 2009 by  
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    My good friend Sharal Churchill and I had lunch a few months back and were talking about the companies we owned, and what we were going to do next. Fast forward we have started a company together, could not be working with a better person, she is a good egg!

    Story below!
    Music Producer/Publisher and Music Licensor join forces; saving clients time and money.

    (LOS ANGELES)—Sharal Churchill, President of Media Creature Music, and Danny Benair, President of Natural Energy Lab, have formed a new firm, Benair Churchill, which will be a proactive Music Publishing firm for songwriters and artists and a Post Production shop for Advertisers.

    Media Creature Music has produced music for major commercial campaigns including spots for Old Navy, American Express, Budweiser, Nike, and T-Mobile to name just a few as well as licensing its own music to Film/TV/Advertisers/Games/Trailers. The firm’s services include music publishing, retail releases, music supervision/clearance, music composition and post-production services. Churchill says, “we’ve saved companies millions because we bring specialized skills, established work practices and a highly efficient system for production with a faster output to market.”

    Natural Energy Lab represents labels and artists for Film, TV and Advertising and its songs have premiered recently in AT&T, Target, Payless Shoes, Grey’s Anatomy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Crank 2 to name a few. Before forming Natural Energy Lab, Danny was Vice President of the Film & Television Department at Polygram Music Publishing where he was responsible for The Cardigans writing “Lovefool” for Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet and also Adam Schlesinger writing the theme song “That Thing You Do” for Tom Hanks’ Academy Award nominated motion picture.

    Benair has brought career-changing licensing opportunities for his clients. “When I started Natural Energy Lab it was pre iTunes and MySpace and my thoughts were that you had to be a music supervisor who would go out and buy imports or indie CD’s; finding music has changed since then but my passion and goals are exactly as they were the day I opened. Which still makes us a lightning rod for new and upcoming music. I am very excited to be partnering up with Sharal. We both bring a strong music background to this new boutique company—we want to create our own mini Brill Building for Film, TV and Advertising.”

    Benair Churchill will offer clients even more services under one roof—Music Publishing and Licensing services, Music Composition, Post Production Services (Music Editorial, Mix/Master/Dub), Music Supervision and Clearance. “Our end to end service will focus on quality and price,” says Churchill. She adds, “By managing the process from concept to broadcast, we will save our clients time and money, while retaining their vision.”

    Itunes Shuffle
    Between innings and tivo I am listening to:
    1. Good Thing -Paul Revere and The Raiders very under rated band…
    2. The Kind Of Girl I Could Love -The Monkees more great west coast studio action…
    3. Bring It To Jerome- Bo Diddley might all start with Bo!
    4. Fantastic Story Of The Steamed Driven Banana- Legay Fun UK Psych
    5. No Signal No Battery (Demo)-Dirty Pretty Things

    I got to get back to the game…
    Like Dylan In The Movies-Belle and Sebastian on the BBC BuyBye!


    20 Questions with NEL : 2009 Edition : Danny Benair

    May 1, 2009 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Time for the annual nel grilling by web master Jon Krop!

    1. Had the auction gone on; I wish I could have made a bid on …
    Scary David Nordahl Painting

    2. My current favorite source to discover new music is:
    As lame as it sounds work, and the sources it leads me to.

    3. Social Networking sites are (fill in the blank) for the most part:

    4. Funniest true news story I’ve seen recently was:
    Mother and step mother battling on TV in India over the story of their little girl in Slumdog Millionaire. The father trying to sell her off, nice parents!

    5. This year the Dodgers will …
    make the playoffs, I can’t get too cocky it is early.

    6. Favorite restaurant and meal recently has been:
    I am a bore, do like the vegan cobb at Waffle, made to my liking.

    7. Most amusing brush with absurd greatness since last year:
    Sadly nothing to report..

    8. My most anticipated music release for this year:
    It will be something I don’t know exists.

    9. Favorite article of clothing that you never wear anymore?
    My Granny Takes A Trip Quick clothes they are all silly and awesome too!

    10. Baby and her tennis balls is my favorite new thing; and MySpace is so over

    11. I can’t wait to see Public Enemies hit the big screen!

    12. TV show I’d most like to have a cameo on:
    30 Rock
    playing the role of:

    13. 2008 favorite music placement piece:
    Had a nice run with Payless..

    14. Fave photo or image of the year:
    Dianne always showing style…

    15. Most engaging page turner I’ve read recently:
    Bad Vibes Luke Haines

    16. Best part of the weekend:
    Saturday always…

    17. I don’t care if you hate it! I love DBRC and I’m sticking to it!

    18. Best live musical performance of the past year:
    Liam Finn

    19. Secret wish for 2009:
    Can’t tell it is a secret

    20. I still haven’t outgrown: