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    February 28, 2010 by  
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    We all have stories that we tell, and somewhere in a little pocket in your brain, you vividly remember these moments.


    In the last two weeks, two came to life out of nowhere on Facebook.

    My first gig.
    Junior high schooler befriends better musicians on the westside with his red sparkle Crown Drun Set, and we play Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac songs like we are in the band.

    12392_1338439373560_1008403620_1041779_7617737_nFronted by Ron Chambliss, our Peter green/Danny Kirwan rolled into one.

    They had just had Huck Finn day at Douglas Park and filled the pond with trout for the kids to catch… we got the left overs! Our pay and is beer and trout!

    We’re playing at a party for the Santa Monica Jay-Cees in a garage that belongs to Ron’s step-sister Sandy ¬†and her husband.

    A real garage band…


    The late John Nudds, me, Mike Hurley, and Ron Chambliss.

    Give us some blues!!! Photos by John Filous

    My first recording gig.

    The first version of The Quick stumble into a studio in their teenage fervor. Friend Ara Ashjian shoots a series of photos of me recording, probably the only time in my career I have a photo series of me playing. GREAT!







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