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    August 30, 2013 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    Pretty amazing color photos of Charlie in front of his studio the future home of A&M and Henson! Click here for more!

    Rare Colour Portraits of Charlie Chaplin, ca 1917-1918 (4)

    My new fave movie is Short Term 12 I have attached a link, a really wonderful film worth checking out. Great performances … I say run!


    Netflix Watch List

    August 1, 2013 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    I will keep it simple I was late to Netflix on this, boy was I wrong Kevin Spacey as well as the rest of the cast is amazing. Though Kevin seemed to be phoning it in for a few years…HE IS BACK!! Watch this!
    Blue Jasmine also a must see for Cate Blanchett alone.