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    January 30, 2015 by  
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    I am so sad to hear of Kim’s passing after his long long battle with Cancer. 

    Every couple of months he would call me,and we would talk for quite a while as Kim would.

    I really went to Van Nuys High School but my true rock education was the day Steven Medina Hufsteter ran into Kim and started what was for us a break that would never had happened without him for my first band The Quick. He did the hustle… There was no scene MAN! Kim created one, he had us playing hair salons, Jewish Temples, and pulled off a crazy one filling The Starwood with so many people that started something… it resulted in landing us a record deal.


    We got to record at the Beach Boys studio Brother for a month with Earle Mankey He managed, co-produced us and took his eye off the ball…but he was epic. I told him many times what he meant to me. The last time we talked about 5 months ago, he asked what was going on, made notes primed his rolodex at the ready for his next call…He said we may never talk again; I said don’t say that but I sort thought he was right.

    He lent me his awesome box of 45’s after Kim Fowley day at Rhino and I recorded every one. He gave me the awesome acetate Jack In The Box by Swedish Pop Psych The Jackpots he knew I dug it.
    Every band he wanted to hype – He would say they are ABBA meet The Dell Vikings in a urine stained alley no urine and I guess it was missing an ingredient. There was pug this pug that and of course Golden Cock…that was Kim, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is like him. I feel honored to have known him.I send my condolences to Kara Wright – my words do not tell the story he was the story!

    Danny Benair

    Happy New Year 2015!

    January 7, 2015 by  
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