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    May 30, 2016 by  
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    As I usually do, I was hanging at my local record store Freakbeat Records. The subject of a record meet and a bootleg of my first band The Quick came up.

    CjprKMoVAAI4IM0A few weeks pass and good friend and Freakbeat owner Bob Say hands me one that he picked up.
    It is so funny to see a bootleg 3 CD’s no less, where you know that some of the tapes started in my collection of live gigs! Naught Naughty, and amused at the same time.
    This site passed my way by Bill Inglot. It shows you where many famous photos were taken. Have a look this one is for Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde … fun site!


    Prince and The Three O’Clock

    May 2, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels


    I was in a band that was part of a scene The Paisley Underground, we were called The Three O’Clock.
    We released our first mini-major record on IRS called Arrive Without Traveling whose video for “Her Heads Revolving” was banned by MTV for a girl drinking green liquid and getting woozy. Prince released “Around The World In A Day” at the same time. The records were getting mentioned in many music reviews. Flash forward a second IRS release failed to chart and we were cut loose.
    We heard Prince was a fan of the band, we put feelers out to the label and played a local LA show. Paisley Park sent out one of their creatives, she liked what she saw and we were signed to Paisley Park.
    It will always blow us away that we had Prince in our corner, we were let down by a bad producer choice. He gave us seven songs to pick from from that were unreleased.
    We were invited to the opening of the Love Sexy tour along with all the other artists on the label.As Michael Quercia our songwriter front man said:
    I just heard on the radio that you were not aloud to shake his hand, body guards would stop you. When I met Prince he took my hand and held it during our entire conversation! Because of him I got to sit in a mini bus with George Clinton and Mavis Staples, (Mavis put her hand on my knee and asked in a very kind and motherly voice “who are you honey?”) … pretty good for some silly kid from Carson California. Jeepers Creepers he got Warner Brothers records to put our final album out, and gave us a song for it to boot!!! 

    57 years old is way too young to check out but he left us with some of the best Rock-Soul-Pop music ever made … Thank You Prince!
    After a long Love Sexy gig,we went back to Paisley Park and he jammed away till 4:00 A.M. one of a few times we got to see after hour special shows..
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    Danny Benair
    The Three O’Clock 
    A couple other interesting articles from the last month
    The Guardian wrote about Price and The Paisley Underground
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