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    September 29, 2016 by  
    Filed under Danny Benair's Gospels

    I have not known a Dodgers/baseball world that did not include Vin Scully.
    It started when my late father left the state of Israel,where he fought in the underground.
    My mother is from Chicago and her parents from Russia. When they moved to Los Angeles. My Grandfather turned my father on to Vin.
    Grandfather did not live long enough for the move to the west coast Dodgers.

    My dad would come home every day from work, as a Painting Contractor in the 50’s/ 60’s after the LA move dressed in white, with paint splatter all over his clothes, but in his hand was one of many transistor radios, covered in paint splatter ala Jackson Pollock.In his hand to listen to Vin. The combination of Sandy Koufax and Vin Scully had such an impact on the community.
    We went to games the rest of his life and I still go.. When I hear Vin, I always think of my dad. We never went to a game without a radio, I still do.
    I would love to know the percentage of MLB players Vin has seen in his lifetime … even if it was just from stats,not counting him seeing games as a young kid.
    His final call at Dodger Stadium, Charlie Culberson’s game winning,division clinching home run. Hollywood could have not scripted it better.
    Thank you Vin you did change my life, and I appreciate your wit and warmth and overall knowledge. It is like of a friend talking just to you.I do believe that he is.
    Big hugs to Vin…



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