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    May 3, 2017 by  
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    Nothing like hanging with friends …

    Last month my pal Ric Menck andI went to see our faves Teenage Fanclub. As expected it was the kind of night you wish happened all the time.
    Afterwards since we both know the band we went back and hung out. Captured a drummer photo with the dapper Francis Macdonald.

    Fast forward to May and my pal Ric, his lovely wife Laura and their pooch Cricket have moved to Hopkins Minneapolis. The quality of life will zoom as they are moving into a fancy house!

    Ric is my pal, drummer in arms and record collector geek,working at Bob Say’s awesome record store Freakbeat records. I will miss Ric on my weekly hangs at the store, and our Movie, gig hangs.

    He will visit and I do wish them the best, but i shed a tear – truth be told.

    Big hugs go out to the Mencks! Be safe, and have fun in your new life!
    Danny Benair



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