Must See, Must Read, and What???

breakfastplutoWell Neil Jordan has done it again! I was fortunate to see a early screening of his new film Breakfast On Pluto. Tthis film is a wonderful look at life in Ireland and the UK in the 60’s and 70’s. Cillian Murphy (he is fantastic!) plays Patrick “Kitten” Braden who is very androgynous, very femme, but still recognizably male. Amazing soundtrack, can’t believe nobody wanted to put it out! With Bryan Ferry being oh so creepy, and Gavin Friday fronting a fourth tier glitter band. I say run to the cinema!!! check out the website!!!

Big Bossoms Square Jaws by Jimmy McDonough

Author of Shaky takes a peak into the fantastic world of filmmaker Russ Meyer, very quick fun read.If you don’t know Russ, shame in you!!! Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls would be a good place to start, written by film critic Roger Ebert. There will NEVER be another Russ!!

Pan Dog?

Is he real, or a cut and paste job? Either way, we are very pro Pan Dog at the lab…

– Danny


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