The passing of everyone’s dear friend Gary Stewart was a tough tragic time to get through.
My first band The Quick was asked to play the memorial. Good friend Jeff Gold asked us to play.
We had not been on a stage together since 1978.
There would be challenges.
The original memorial Date worked for former lead singer Danny Wilde. The date was moved and we had to re-think the whole concept.
How could we pay tribute to Gary and tip our cap to what we once were?
Longtime friend Steven Hufsteter and songwriter and I decided to go for it. I said Steven play a Marshall and a Gibson SG and he was in.
Jeff McDonald from Redd Kross could do one of the songs, as they cover It Won’t Be Long, so were half there.
Three days before the event Ian our bass player became too ill to fly from NYC… rethink time! Jason Falkner was going to Sing You, Yeah You but we now needed him to also play bass.
I knew Darian would be the perfect person to sing and play keyboards.
We rehearsed one day, enjoyed each others company and took on the task.
The Event was great. Perfect tribute to our friend.
We were asked to close it. We all loved playing, but it was also so emotional to be playing for the one person whose spirit I hope was there. Gary Stewart.
Here is the complete memorial, we perform in the last 10 minutes. It was an honor.

Gary Stewart Memorial – June 1st, 2019 from We Love Gary on Vimeo.

Darian filmed one song when we practiced, no Jeff as he is behind the camera. Enjoy!

Danny Benair



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