Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Quentin’s new film. How do I love thee. So much from the acting which is terrific set design, music.
Love letter to Hollywood and Sharon Tate.
Then there were little things that meant more to me.
My hometown PANORAMA CITY name checked with the very Awesome Van Nuys Drive-in, which was torn down so they could have a 4 plex and move a screen 20 feet or so. They knocked it down and told nobody. I digress which I am known to do. The poster in Brad Pitt’s trailer of Honey West created by my Aunt & Uncle.
The director of the Western, Sam Wanamaker who in real life was acting buddy to my uncle and my mother.
Those were personal little items. I need/want to see it again and soak up more of the film. A second showing I feel is a must.
Many hated or complain they have not seen it and go harping on … well if you have not seen it how can you have an opinion!


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