Wild Honey Lovin Spoonful.

My appreciation for the Lovin Spoonful started as a young kid, playing the bands records to death.
My late brother Jonathan being older than me and willing to take me with him to a big concert – Lovin Spoonful & Simon and Garfunkel.
Decades later as time passed on but my love for them never waned. My pal Bodie, who was my neighbor, and I spent many evenings walking and the Spoonful came up quite often. His daughter Maja, was a very young fan, buying the records. Dad beamed and so did I!
Last year Wild Honey was planning their yearly show and Lovin Spoonful was the band (HELL YEAH!)
Most shows do not include anyone from the band, but Paul Rock main man at Wild Honey had Voodoo in his Basement and the three surviving members were in. WHAT!!!
My band The Three O’Clock was lucky enough to do She’s Still A Mystery with Darian Sahanaja (who plays with Brian Wilson) but much more than that he is a wonderful guy and an amazing singer/musician.
We meet the band, they like what we are doing and they are watching us rehearse and perform the number. The little kid in me is freaking out.
To John, Steve and Joe THANK YOU!
 Here we are performing the song:



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