Welcome to the new normal

Unless you are one of the amazing people that is keeping parts of the world going the rest of us are sitting at home.
A week ago Saturday I ventured out to my local Whole Foods which had a 50 minute wait, they were re-stocking and letting 10 people in at a time.
I improvised purchases trying out the odd cracker and meal. (Yay and nay)

Last Saturday was in very quickly. The store had at least 40 people hovering everywhere. To say it was a nightmare would be polite.
We need to stop fooling around and make this work. Our president is a joke, has claimed cures, it will be gone fast, we have a cure etc.

Many will get this and survive but we are seeing way too many pass away.
I have a record club. We are having the club every Sunday at 2:00 PST,want to be part of it. Join us hereĀ https://www.facebook.com/groups/dannybenairrecordclub/
You can see details from there.
Stay safe,



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