Staying At Home / Goodbye Adam…

Staying At Home
Most of us are living through this grind. Creating our own patterns. Attempt to work. Meals in the house, small errands, lots of TV. We will get through this. Life in Los Angeles will be quite different for quite awhile and may change many things for good. I am not one to say what will change, but there are plenty of thoughts.

Goodbye Adam…

The passing of Adam Schlesinger is a crushing blow. My friend and colleague Holly Greene signed Ivy to a publishing deal. Deva Anderson the brilliant music supervisor contacted me about That Thing You Do! I reached out to some writers. Adam being one. Very strict directions. It was obvious then that he had the theme, everyone in the office kept saying play it again. A brilliant talent who wrote this alone (not sure why people think it was a co-write).

The demo was so great, that they had to work off of it to create the version for the film.
He wrote truckloads of wonderful songs. Mild mannered and funny. When it was nominated for an Oscar , I felt so proud of him like a dad.
I will always remember being in NYC and you were working on Meg Hentges record and you invited me by and I had silly semi-Jimmy Miller percussion ideas, and we all grabbed instruments and put them on the record. Cause that was how you were.
Please everyone stay safe.

And one more trip down memory lane.
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