Sadly Two Farewells

Goodbye Peter Green

In reality, you left a long time ago. When I first heard The Supernatural on John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers record I was hooked.
There was nothing like the sound coming out of the speakers. 
With free studio a time he cut a track called Fleetwood Mac.
Then left to form his own band he named it after his rhythm section. 
Unlike most frontmen he took a back seat often to make the band gel.
Early footage he gives more time to Jeremy Spencer and his Elmore James blues.
The hit Albatross which will go on to influence The Beatles and is an ode to Santo & Johnny and Shows off the three Piece band.
When Danny Kirwan joins he shines as well and plays more lead then you would think. Oh Well showcases Danny.
What can I say, if you never stood in a room and saw them play it was astounding. For me as a young kid, the many times I and my friends saw them, they were never a letdown.
The Shrine Expo, The Whiskey standing feet from them. Unlike other bands, I did not run to try to meet them. They stood by themselves, what could I say. Peter Green was an amazing songwriter, singer and guitar player and to think after Green Manalishi he stopped writing songs and playing that way. A Munich acid trip seems to be what did him in, but like many others he was fragile. It saw Danny Kirwan end up marred in Alcoholism in his twenties and Jeremy Spencer spent many years hidden away in the Children Of God.
Peter would play songs like Fabian’s Tiger because it made Jeremy happy and they actually were even great at that.
Decades later my good friend Bob Say and I went to the Long Beach Blues Festival to see Peter Green perform.
He sang he played, but Peter had left the building many years prior.
I can’t say enough, what his legacy means to me. All I can say is thank you it changed my life.

Goodbye Emitt Rhodes.
As a kid, I was lucky enough to see the Merry-Go-Round at the Hollywood Bowl for a May Company Sunday fashion show concert.
They were great. Looked cool, just like I expected.
Years later in The Quick, we recorded demos for Elektra and Emitt came in for a couple of days as an in-house engineer. He was burnt at the mere age of 27 he already had a beard and had an I do not give a shit attitude.
He finished some long demo project and was thrown in our direction.
He came in and sat at my drum set and banged them.
They sound like garbage cans were his remark. My response was thanks. He was already unhappy so I did not gush to him for the love of his music. Two days later he moved on. I understood.
Years later he performed a few songs at the Aligator Lounge.
I went back and chatted. He was in a good mood. I recalled all of my little stories. After The Quick comment, he looked at me and sad yeah I bet I was an asshole. I laughed and said yeah. He looked at me laughed and said sorry man. The kid genius just had too much pressure early on… but man he was talented. Thank you.




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