Arlington… We have a winner!

I spent  the 2020 season watching every inning of every Dodger game in my living room. Would not have expected that.

I have gone to every home Playoff and World Series game for as long as I can remember.
Most games with my season ticket partner my great friend Bob Say.
We were at the Kirk Gibson games we have waited and waited.
I never thought I would watch the world series mostly by myself. I did get Dianne to come in, for the ninth inning of Game Six.
Tears, yes tears rolled down my face. It is the little things and they have become rather big.
In 1988 my Parents and Brother were still alive and I had just seen The Three O’Clock break-up.
So much has happened since then, probably a good portion of my life.
Seeing my Dodgers win, was one of the few good things in this horrible year.
I thank them for playing great, and Tampa Bay were strong team.
2021 Has to be better.but I will start with another World Series win!

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