The Last Soldiers Killed In Vietnam

Charles McMahon (May 10, 1953 – April 29, 1975) and Darwin Lee Judge (February 16, 1956 – April 29, 1975)
The pandemic is out of control.
We have people rushing Erewhon markets with no masks.
We also have a vaccine months away for the average joe like me.
I do not want any of us to have the same fate as Charles and Darwin who were the last to die in a senseless war.
This is hard on all of us, we need to be extra cautious.
2021 will start the same there is no way around it.
But we can hope for two wins in Georgia and get over the nonsense of the fake election results.
Biden/Harris will be sworn in and that is the first step.
Hold tight … there will be more to watch on Netflix in the short run.
On a lighter note, this story about Clyde Sukeforth was a wonderful read.



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