Meeting Don & Phil

Many moons ago a trip was planned to Las Vegas. Not a fan of the city in any major way.
But we planned a trip to see the Everly Bros. Who were playing in a smaller hotel with their hot shot band. No crappy oldies bar band for the band,
Albert Lee, Pete Wingfield, Tony Newman, etc … were in the band.
Went with a few pals.Paul Rutner, Dan Perlof, etc…
Saw the bright lights, probably ate some awful food. Met a showgirl.
Saw the Everly’s. Never a letdown, except they played one of my favorite all-time songs Cathy’s Clown a bit too fast.
Cherry on the Vegas cake we waited for Don and Phil. Who came out together and were known for their brotherly unlove.
But you know they were warm and friendly and we snapped a photo.
Both the Everly bros and Showgirl I landed the perfect spot. I could crop out my dear friends if I wanted to!
What happens in Vegas lady came back to Los Angeles otherwise how could I tell you?


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