Danny Benair Record Club

Back in 2008 I started a record club. The pandemic moved from Freakbeat Records to a weekly online experience.

With my partners in crime Debbie Wilk and Tony Reid we have decided to up the bar.

So here are a few things.

Here is the description:

Our YouTube page. If you like lists have a look as almost every record club is there.

Want merch here it is.

Follow us at

Our Facebook page where every Monday we announce the next Sunday’s event. Join! You can pick a song to play or just visit!


St. Vincent at the Hollywood Bowl

The Pandemic has made joy hard to come by. Gladly I was able to see one of my favorite artists…

Charlie Will Always Be My Darling

Don’t try and stop me I am crying. I always knew it. Charlie Watts was my favorite musician for many…