Charlie Will Always Be My Darling

Don’t try and stop me I am crying.
I always knew it. Charlie Watts was my favorite musician for many reasons.
His passing crushed me though I know all of our time will come, I was not prepared.
Going back to the horrible day at Altamont in 1969 and ending up on the stage and the Rolling Stones amp line.
I had already been trampled saved by my brother and in this mess this was my safe haven.
When the show ended. I looked at Charlie. His velvet jacket next to his floor tom. I tapped him on the shoulder. Can I have your drumsticks? He gave them too me as he headed for a helicopter.
I was a kid out of my depth.
I always loved everything about Mr. Watts.
His long marriage to Shirley.
His love of animals, Jazz, collecting, etc. His style. The man new how to dress. Vegetarian too.
His slow manner of speaking, charming in every interview.  He was artistic helped design the bands set, and took being a stone in stride.
Yes Charlie thought he was just a drummer.If that is how he felt well OK. BUT! What a drummer. His feel is unlike anyone else.I am not here to defend him. I loved him.
Photo by Gered Mankowitz


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