Dodgers 2021

Over the course of the last two years I have watched every single Dodgers game either on TV or in person.
In my opinion baseball is the toughest sport. You start slowly in February, and at the very least you end in early October or maybe as late as November.
It is a grind.
The Dodgers had a long year chasing the Giants who were exceptional and watching the cocky Padres from May 2021 fade away.
Injuries always play a part in the game as do signings. Some of our injuries came late in the year as we battled in the Wild Card into the first round of the playoffs finally defeating the Giants which was probably where we lost our steam.
It is also a year of many free agents,and some will probably not be back and there will be new additions.
Braves beat us, though the lame tomahawk chop needs to go. It embarrasses my eyes. But as a team they are good.
I really do not care about the World Series, but Braves are my hope for the win. Astros and MLB are a joke… what more can I say.
Here was a photo from the playoffs. I like it it makes me look forward to next year. We all only have so many next years, so here is for hoping!


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