Like Clockwork … Mod Moments


Great blog on Clockwork Orange and the great scene in the Chelsea Drugstore, where the future was rather present day… points out via DVD all the music and magazines that are featured. Gotta love freeze frame! Kubrick is even in the scene!

It does not talk about the charts that featured Heaven 17, Sparks and Johnny Zhivago (My fave) maybe next time.

Mod moment of the month!

iTunes Shuffle
Another month…where do they go?
Here is what is popping up on my iTunes.
Sweet Box, Slade – Right before the glitter.
This Just Doesn’t Seem To My Day, The Monkees
Louie Louie, The Beach Boys – Who did not do a version?
High Coin, Harpers Bizarre – Nice one..
Octopus, Syd Barrett – Ah Syd…
And away we go..
Like Everytime Before, The Hollies

Movie pick: Swedish Vampire coming of age story Let The Right One In



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