In 2011 someone reached out and said “Do you know about the Black List?” It turns out it is a small group of scripts every year that make this list chosen by various film industry people of scripts that should be made.

I was told to just read it. I did and was quite surprised that this warm and fuzzy story featured my first band The Quick, many times.

I talked to the screenwriter, he had picked a song from our first demo Teachers Pet. It looked like the film would be made with Chloe Grace Moretz as the young girl and Susan Sarandon as her grandmother.

Shortly after it fell apart and was not made.

Last year Netflix contacted me as they were going to make the film. I had a zoom call with Netflix and the supervisor and I think all were amused by knowledge of the film.

They needed approval on our artwork and a prop record of Teachers pet, that in reality did not exist. I said yeas as long as I got copies, and they sent me a booty of props.

I really liked the film bias aside. It is a family film but for music geeks it has quite a nice soundtrack. Gemma Brooke Allen as the lead is really strong. Oh and the song and The Quick,they are all through the film.

It has given our band some new awareness which is never a bad thing. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Have a listen.



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