War In Europe!

This is not history lesson, but just remember our last President was impeached for trying to convince Ukraine’s leader  Volodymyr Zelenskyy to make up fake information about Biden. He was withholding Javelins and other weapons to protect themselves from Russia.

Hello 2022. Putin could not help himself, he wants to recreate the Soviet Union, and do whatever he needs to do to make it happen.

My Russian blood is trying to leave my body!

The people of Ukraine are badass. So far they holding on, and most of the world is on their side. I hope I can look back at this post and see Russia retreat and Putin gone.

We could see this coming. It is turning into Full Metal Jacket. Fighting street by street. Hopefully Ukraine can hold them off. I really believe many Russian soldiers do not want to be there.

Let there be peace for Ukraine.



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