Essential Reissues …


Lots of music gets rehashed, all the time.

For my money and yours, in the last month, a couple of packages have come out that you should own.

The Kinks We Are The Village Green Preservation Society 3 CD set. One LP is now three.You get it in Mono, Stereo and lots of bonus tracks. My fave Kinksalbum, a very warm very English record that if you don’t own … why the hell not? It reminds me of my late brother, one of his faves, and it truly is a special record. Buy it now!! Great!

The Faces Five Guys Walk Into A Bar…
Faces finally get the attention they deserve, compiled by The Faces’ Ian Mclagan. You forget how hip Rod Stewart was! It is worth the price just for the live BBC Version of Around The Plynth , between Ron Wood’s amazing slide playing Kenny Jones drumming, and Rod’s vocals on this track alone it is just amazing.

I say go forth consumer, and buy!!!

– Danny


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