The Losing Team, Chesterfield, and Tracy Spuehler Tours Natural Energy Lab’s secret location!


Well the last couple months have shown me one thing. I know how to pick a loser! From Kerry (what about those exit polls!!), or my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers (Hey! We finally won a playoff game, used tickets not shown).

Don’t hold this against me, I am really trying, I just could not face myself rooting for the Yankees or George Bush!

At least the Red Sox won!


Here is Chesterfield, the white Boxer, who is very sick, with Baby. I’m just glad for everyday he is around.

Tracy Spuehler Tours Natural Energy Lab’s secret location!
Tracy was given the secret handshake, and can not reveal our second location, but we allowed her to take photos, promising her no bodily harm!

Here are Tracy’s photos that she took! … The actual buildings can not be photographed!





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