“Untold Rock Stories” – The Quick


A long time ago, I was in a band (my first), that meant so much to me. We were called The Quick, we made one LP “Mondo Deco” for Mercury Records, it was so different then. No LA music scene, and a band out to find the kids who wanted music. On a local level, we did, not a major plan, but we did gain a loyal following and for the two years we were around, we played all the time and had an amazing time.

Most of our music, was hidden away on tapes, and is finally seeing the light of day on the very wonderful Rev-Ola label, out of the UK, the CD is called “Untold Rock Stories”-The Quick.

We are featuring a track this month on our site,”Pretty Please“, also I have dug out a tape that we did for a junior college. It is from May 25th 1977, and was almost a year after our record, but since we had not walked back in the studio we had no choice but to lip synch, to a older track.

Also we are offering a special feature this month, a live Quick song is available to download Dr. Killjoy live from The Starwood 07-09-77 If you like this, we may start a series of Quick downloads, so it is up to you. I hope you enjoy it!


Watch the Quick perform “It Won’t Be Long”

– Danny


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