R.I.P Mickey Waller

What’s playing on Itunes shuffle
Well I took a month off from declaring my love for music and how it soothes my soul, and my back.
What’s up!
1. That’s Right Baby-Marianne Faithfull slinky bonus track.
2. Cry (Dust Brothers Remix)-Money Mark Poppier than you would think.
3. Sittin On My Sofa-Kinks And soon I will be…
4. Start Over Again Adam Merrin The 88’s secret weapon…
5. Keep An Open Mind,Or Else McCarthy Good point, where Stereolab were born…

and finally…
6. It’s A Fine Day-Jane and it is… enjoy!

R.I.P Mickey Waller
Second from right in the Jeff Beck Group played on some very cool records.

Tiffany Anders Ankles The Lab
Yes, sad but true, she is leaving. We wish her the best, filling in till we find a full time replacement is Jason Eldridge, who knows a thing or three about music. natural energy lab is looking for a creative manager. Los Angeles based natural energy lab is looking for a full time creative manager to pitch songs for film TV and advertising,it comes with a health and 401 K package. Need someone who has pitched before who has contacts, and is star in the making. Any ideas, PLEASE, drop me a line.

– Danny


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