20 Questions with the lab ‘05 edition


– the lab get grilled by Jon, their web monkey yet again!

1. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but hum it

The Bump by Kenny

2. Outstanding use of a song in a movie or TV show during the past year?

Hey Scensters The Cribs on The OC

3. Memorable live music moment of 2004?

Kaiser Chiefs

4. What was the last thing you ate?


5. Take just my word for it … you gotta click here

6. Favorite TV moment of the past year?

Shutting it off…or…The Red Sox Winning the Sorld Series, but that is soooo ’04

7.  Why the heck isn’t Peter Ibbetson available on DVD yet?

8. Enough with the Bump already people!

9. I’d rather be day dreaming about …


10. You might not expect it, but I totally love …

The Bump by Kenny.

11. I’m counting down the days until …

I go on vacation (none planned)

12. My most recently acquired hobby or interest is

Same old crap:,buying records…

13. If I could ask anybody one thing and get a complete and honest answer, it would be

…What happens when we die?

14. Favorite Urban Legend:

The Hitchiker

15. I secretly wish I could be None (character) from ( the movie or book  ) for a day.

16. The last book I read was …

Behind The Scenes On The Pegasus Carousel

17. I used think they were singing “Louie Louie” when they were really singing “Louie Louie”.

18. My most recent outburst of laughter came from …

Watching my dogs.


19. My specialty meal that I can cook from scratch is …

Matza Brei

20. More people should listen to …


– Danny


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