Pirate Life – New Bansky!

Pirate Life


I was asked to join Facebook. Do I need this in my life? Probably not but then I was asked to be a Corsair Pirate… ah to be seven again! Fun but silly game on Facebook, steal strangers coins, and buy rum!

New Bansky!
There is a reason he is a cut above almost everyone else, he is back, so look out!


Ipod Shuffle A-G0-G0 or what is playing at home…
Last Five:

1.God-John Lennon Bootleg version shhh..don’t tell anyone!
2. Argomenti-Isobel Campbell There is always room for twee!!
3.Canyons Of Your Mind (Single Version)-Bonzo Dog Band Buy the re-issues now!!!
4. She Needs Company-Paul Jones covering his own band Manfred Mann’s song!
5. Ultranol-Blur from The Great Escape from one of my fave bands!!!

Next up….
Lay Down Your Weary Tune-Fairport Convention Live At The BBC!!!
All for now kids!

– Danny


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