Part 1
The 88 Shop At Sears
Well they are at it again,the licensing machine The 88 have landed quite a nice spot in the Sears campaign, have a look!
Part 2
Have a look at the UK’s new fonepranker…Click here

Part 3
Party Shuffle
Jon Krop our web Guru, brought up on our quiz last month what’s playing on our Itunes/Ipod. So I thought I would let you know what is playing on my Itunes at home…no cheating warts and all…
Last 5 played on Party Shuffle

1.Pamela-The Bobby Fuller Four
2.Weddings Make me Cry-Sands
3.Baby Baby It’s You-The Yellow Balloon
4.Only You Know-Wes Cunningham
5.(Theme From) The Monkees-The Monkees
Next up…
Leave My Woman Alone-The Everly Bros

– Danny


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