Danny Benair Record Club


A few weekends ago on my Facebook page I wrote that I wanted to have a record club with secret handshakes etc… I guess wanted I wanted was a social get together, where the love of music could be displayed.

With some string and tape and the magic of Don Williams we have a club,and with Bob Say’s Freakbeat Records we have a home.

We meet once a month, but we chat on line, and are working on the very secret handshake. Join us!

CSI Placement of Jessica Lea Mayfield

The Changes Shoe Carnival, Check It Out!

Itunes Shuffle

It is about to rain, and here is what I am listening to:

1. Set In Motion-Sloan The mighty Sloan, love this track!

2. Alice-Lettie One of my new faves from the UK

3. Steppin Out-John Mayall with Eric Clapton Give me the blues!! Slowhand!

4. She’s Got You-Patsy Cline Nuff said…

5. Good Time Music-The Lovin Spoonful from the Elektra sessions, if they had landed there ,they would have so much more respect.

And as I leave until next time… Next up…

2 H.B.-Roxy Music GREAT!!

– Danny


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